Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stabbed by my crochet hook
Friends,I had a rather rough day yesterday. I took my mother n law to the doctor and I waited in the waiting room for her and I was crocheting flowers for my daughters wedding in thread. I was using a new hook that I had just purchased off eBay. I believe it was a size 8 steel hook with some beautiful clay wrapped around the handle. Then one of her doctors came to me and wanted to see me. The doctor informed me that my mohter n law has breast cancer again. And that my mother n law had decided not to fight it. My mother n law Ann went through a very hellish nightmare around 6 years ago to battle that terrible cancer. She did agree to have a biopsy and a pet scan to see how far the cancer has grown. I if you could please say a prayer for her. She is 73 years young and very stubborn.Well back to the crochet hook. I just poked it into my thread ball and laid it in my purse. I put the purse on the floor of the truck and then proceeded to get into the truck then I put my leg right over the hook and got stabbed! In the left calf right above my ankle. YEOW that hurts. I have never hurt myself before with my hooks. SO plase ladies be careful.Ok now you know what Ive been upto these days

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pattas said...

Ouch .. Those small hooks can be dangerous.
Think you had a lot on your mind.. Thoughts and prayers go out to you :))